Your support matters!

Alumni participation is directly tied to Loyola's national rankings

By providing financial support to Loyola, you show confidence in Loyola as a Catholic university that prepares students to lead meaningful lives with and for others. We ask for your continued support because the people who have benefited from a Loyola education are the best testament to the success of Loyola's educational model.

Inspired by St. Ignatius Loyola's vision, we teach students to pursue truth, wisdom, and virtue and to work for a more just world.

By renewing your support or giving for the first time, you show the world (and the companies that rank universities across the nation) that Loyola alumni believe in the education that Loyola provides.

Our goal is to add 300 additional alumni donors to our ranks by July 31 so that Loyola can increase the number of alumni who give back for the 5th consecutive year.

Gifts made by July 31st help our deserving students and count to this important milestone.

Contact us with all of your questions and suggestions. We need your help in reaching the many alumni for whom we have bad contact information. If you have any questions you can call the Office of Annual Giving at (504) 861-5840 or email us at

Want to help? Here are some things that you can do:

  • Give a gift to Loyola of any size. You can give online at New givers are anyone who hasn’t given since July 31, 2012. If you aren’t sure if you qualify, email and we will let you know right away.
  • Forward and promote the giving email announcements to your Loyola friends and classmates. Please let them know how important this campaign is to you, Loyola, its students, and our future success.
  • Like the Loyola University New Orleans Facebook page and follow @Loyola_NOLA on Twitter.
  • Promote the campaign by sharing and promoting the relevant posts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Invite your former classmates out for a drink or over for dinner. Ask them to consider giving a gift of any size to Loyola, and remind them of our deadline.
  • Send a text or make a call to your friends who live out of town. Ask them to consider participating and making a gift.