Loyola is proud of its multi-generational alumni families. Take a look at a few of our Loyola Family Trees.


The Buchler family has 3 generations of Loyola graduates.

Harold Buchler, Sr. received his BA from Loyola in '41 and his JD in '47. He and his wife Margaret were proud to send 2 of their 5 children to Loyola. After being award many medals of honor for his service in WWII, Harold practiced as an attorney in Metairie for 66 years.

Harold Buchler, Jr. and Conrad Buchler attended Loyola's College of Law and finished in '76 and 81 respectivley. They now carry forth the family legacy at Buchler and Buchler Law Firm in Metairie.

Drew Buchler is now the 3rd generation Buchler to attend Loyola. He is currently a 2L student in the College of Law.