Help us to raise $600 to purchase books for our current cohort of LIM students in Nigeria.

Support the work of LIMEX students

The Loyola Institute for Ministry Extension Program has offered master’s degrees and certificates in pastoral studies and religious education since 1983 through partnerships with local sponsoring agencies, a diocese, parish, retreat center, or other established institutions entirely on location in more than 40 places across the country and internationally.

The program is thriving in Benin City, Nigeria, but LIMEX students there need your help to purchase their books for coursework. At $50 per course, purchasing text books can become an obstacle to students working to complete their Pastoral Studies Certificate program. Even a gift of $15 can help to make a big impact in the lives of these students and their Parish community.

To learn more about the Loyola Institute for Ministry program, go to http://lim.loyno.edu/onsite.