Fools of April Empower Video from Loyola University on Vimeo.

Loyola students and alumni regularly play roles in the production of major festivals all around the country and the world including Coachella, Bonnaroo, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and many more.

We had a simple goal, to create a vehicle for the next generation of Loyola talent, both on stage and behind it. Bring the outstanding music of our peers to our campus, jumpstart a new sense of community at Loyola; create an educational experience that was completely hands on.
Most importantly we wanted to learn by doing.
With these goals in mind, in April of 2014, we started Fools.
What is Fools Music Festival?
Now in its second year, the annual event is a student produced music festival celebrating Loyola student art.  Aimed at reaching as much of the campus as possible, the festival incorporates clubs and departments from across Loyola in an effort to build a vibrant community event.
Students are responsible for every aspect of the festival. From vision to execution Fools is in the hands of students. With faculty oversight students raise all the money, book all the talent, and handle all the logistics.
With countless hours of hard work from a core production team of 11 students with a staff of around 60 on the day of, Fools happened. It wasn’t easy, and not a single student wanted it that way. We believe it’s important. We are itching to get back to work: to do it again and to do it better.
We want to leave behind not only an incredible educational opportunity but also a cherished campus tradition.
Now we need help.
Our costs are competitively low but still significant. We work with Nola Sound, a student run sound company to provide sound for the stages and they must be fairly compensated. We have to hire the university police to act as security, as well as a school electrician and trash service. We have to rent barricades, tents and a stage.  We are incredibly proud to compensate all of the musicians who play on our stages fairly in an effort to help them grow their careers.
Fools has the unique attribute of being completely student run. We work tirelessly as volunteers not only to learn a craft we hope to turn into a profession, but also to support, aid and celebrate the Loyola community. We know what we ask for is ambitious. So are we.
Please consider giving us your support, every little bit helps and goes directly into the cost of producing and sustaining this event.