Centennial Challenge

$100,000 is at stake! We need your gift now.

A generous donor has promised to give $100,000 to the Loyola Fund if 2,500 new donors join him in giving gifts—no matter what size—to the university. Help us reach our goal by making a gift to Loyola by May 12, 2013.

A gift of any size counts, and the gift can be designated to any program or project of your choice. A new donor is anyone who hasn’t given this academic year (since July 31, 2012). Any gift made from today through May 12th counts. Gifts can come from alumni, parents, friends of the university, students, faculty, staff and even organizations, foundations and corporations.

It's not how much, it's how many support Loyola.  Please consider becoming one of the 2,500 and ask your friends to donate as well, so we can end our centennial year with a $100,000 bang.

Make your gift now.

Help us promote the challenge!

Download this graphic to use as your facebook profile picture or with your signature line in emails:

Update your status to one of the following, or be creative and make up your own challenge-centric update:

  • #beinthatnumber Help Loyola get $100k. Maximize your gift and give today at giving.loyno.edu/challenge
  • 2500 gifts = $100,000 to Loyola. Join the challenge today: giving.loyno.edu/challenge. #beinthatnumber
  • I might be broke, but I can get Loyola $100,000. giving.loyno.edu/challenge #beinthatnumber
  • Now that laundry is free at Loyola (can you believe it?), put your quarters to good use at giving.loyno.edu/challenge #beinthatnumber
  • Who is my favorite anonymous Loyola celebrity? The one who is giving us $100k. giving.loyno.edu/challenge #beinthatnumber